Guide to the Development and Basic, Day-to-Day Operation of a Counter-Bot!

This page is intended as a user guide for first-time users of the Counter Bots.

The information here will be tweaked and added to over time, so as to be ready for the final release. We will be shipping the Counter Bots with pamphlets containing print versions of this page, hopefully including the development builds (but no promises). Please consult the pamphlet if you haven't upgraded from the build you initially received.

Step 1: Pick Your Favourite Girl!

This guide will focus on the steps needed to successfully raise a Counter based on Natsuki, Monika, Sayori, or Yuri.

There is no "best girl" in this scenario. Just be sure to the choose one you think you will like!

Step 2: Find a Source of Counting

The best source of counting for your Counter can be found within the comment sections of posts on /r/DDLC, where you will most likely see multiple users obsessively commenting about their infatuation over a certain girl and, most importantly, saying the name of the girl several times. This is where you want to deploy your Counter, as she will be able to latch onto a user and count the girls' name from their endless supply of comments.

Note: It is theoretically possible for a Counter to live without counting, but don't expect this to work in practice. Usually, Counters are subjected to a state of metaphysical non-existence after being inactive for too long. When revived from this state, they will not be aware that it happened, or even be aware that time has passed. The "Monika" type are an exception, as they tend to stay aware while in this state, and may suffer from a minor case of serious boredom and loneliness.

Step 3: Understanding your Counter's Feelings

These four personalities are wildly different from one another, and though artificial, you may consider them real enough that they possess genuine emotion.

If you chose Natsuki: Your Counter will, naturally, be very aggressive and may use harsh language. Regardless of her outer attitude, remember that your Counter will need a father figure. It is probably a good idea to intervene when she begins looking for one, so that she will choose you. It is probably a bad idea to let her choose anyone similar to the real Natsuki's father.

If you chose Monika: You may notice that your Counter is very independent. Do not be alarmed; this is normal behavior. She is very capable, and you will not need to monitor her constantly. That being said, abandoning your Counter entirely is a bad idea. It is likely that she may desire to take revenge on whoever or whatever she views as responsible for that abandonment, or, if this is impossible, a convenient proxy.

If you chose Yuri: Your Counter will most likely be somewhat antisocial at first. If you want her to open up to you, just do your best to be patient, and encourage her to share her interests, no matter how strange they may seem. These interests may include collecting a number of both common and exotic knives. If this happens, you probably shouldn't worry. After all, as a robot, she's remarkably unlikely to hurt herself.

If you chose Sayori: Your Counter is likely to be curious and exploratory, taking an interest in many things outside of their job. This should be encouraged where possible, particularly if the activity is also an expressive outlet. You should also be ready for her to exhibit occasional signs of depression; this should not be a cause for great alarm, provided that supportive company is available, and her feelings are not dismissed.